Keeping your kids on a Leash with a Safety Rein

I remember the days when I was in nursery school and my dad would walk me to school.  I tended to wander off somewhere as a kid, whenever I went out so using a safety rein was something that my parents considered mandatory.

The one main thing I remember about using this was running along to keep up with my dad as he took big strides with each step.  I had to run along with him to keep up and my mum later asked him to take it easy when walking me to school.

However, if I had one of these safety reins I would have been a lot happier when I realized I could be within the reach of my dad walking beside him.

saftey rein

There are so many reasons why using children’s reins is considered safe by parents. One reason being, if you have a child that likes to wander off, you can always wander along with them.

You don’t want the scenario where you’re in the supermarket with your child and they wander off into another aisle.  Next thing you know, you’re in a panic trying to locate them and you start asking everyone around you if they’ve seen a kid with a red hat.  There is nothing like the relief you feel, when you finally locate the said child in the toys aisle. But be honest and say, it would be better if you didn’t have to deal with the stress and panic of ‘losing’ the wanderer.

So parents be safe and get your child a safety rein to make sure your child never wanders off when they are out with you.