Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Twilight

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Twilight



Product Description

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier is a new innovative 4 in 1 baby carrier that combines practicality and comfort with the 4 carrying positions. Everyone is unique so the carrying positions allow you to chose what’s right for you and your baby, from 2 frontal positions: towards you and outwards, back and hip. The simple baby carrier allowing you to be close and bond with your child whilst being supported and comforted. Gemini Beco features adjustable wide straps that evenly distribute baby’s weight and provide excellent lumbar support. Included with the Beco Gemini Carrier is a head support attach with d rings, this head support can be folded down for when the baby is facing forward giving them a better view of their surroundings. The width of the base can also be altered to suit small babies or to give better positioning.

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