Zazu Lou the Owl Nightlight Blue



Product Description

Lou the night owl is a beautiful night light that gives your child the reassurance of soothing light that helps them settle to sleep. Fully adjustable, you can choose between 3 different light settings on each of the 2 lights – the owl and the outer ring – to give out the light that is perfect for you. Powered either by battery or through mains electricity, you can leave Lou on all night, or set a timer to gently fade and switch off the light after your child has gone to sleep. The voice activated sound sensor will automatically switch on a warm glowing light to reassure your child should they wake in the night, then fade and turn off again after 5 minutes of quiet. 2 lights, the owl and outer ring, can be used together or separately Independently Adjustable light settings, choose between bright, soft and ambient Separate timer for each light with auto fade and shut off once your child sleeps Voice activation sound sensor to turn on the light, then fade and switch off after 5 minutes Includes mains lead and adapter Can also be powered with 3 x AA batteries (not included)

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