Some Thoughts on a Mother’s Role

Every time Mothers’ Day comes around I take a look back at the role my mother played in my life before she sadly passed away some years ago.

Mothers have a huge role to play in the lives of their children and it is not just because they went through the painful labour of bringing them into this world. A mother’s role goes beyond caring for a child in their early years to when they become an adult.

a mothers role

Looking back over my childhood I remember my mum always being there for me during my ‘moody teenage spells’.   This came in very handy as I constantly found myself sulking in one corner for no reason at all. Whenever I had one of those moments my mother would approach me in a calm and soothing manner and ask me what was wrong.  Even when I tried to hide the fact that I was upset she could always tell that something was bothering me. Sometimes I opened up about the issue I was facing and sometimes I didn’t.  In addition if there was something I was lacking she always knew and would come up with the solution before I myself even realised I needed it. I really appreciate those moments especially now she is no longer here. Now I am fully able to understand the role she played in my life and the various motherly qualities she possessed.

Being caring and thoughtful are just one of the many qualities my mother possessed and passed unto me.  I really do believe that mothers play a huge role in helping to shape a child’s characteristics.

Mothers’ Day is the day we all celebrate the woman who brought us to this world.  For me, it’s also a celebration of the role my mother played in my life and the wonderful characteristics she possessed.

I look forward to one day becoming a mother and help to shape a child’s character. Who knows she or he could be the next leader or prime minister.  That is the role of a mother!

What are the qualities your mother possessed that you admire and would like to pass unto your children?  Feel free to leave your comments below.