The Childhood Diary that went Viral on Twitter

Do you remember keeping a diary about crushes you had and all your ‘childhood woes’?

I had a diary when I was in my early teens and even had a name for it, ‘the teenage years’. I found it a few years ago and ripped up the pages then threw them all in the bin. However, that was not before I’d read it to myself and had a good laugh at some of the things written in there! It was full of silly stories about the stresses of school life and the woes of not being understood.

Earlier this week, a young lady shared a picture of a diary entry she wrote when she was 7 years old on Twitter.

It went viral this morning and was showing up on my Twitter feed.

Take a look for yourself.


Do you still have your childhood diary hiding somewhere?  Would you dare to publish it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.